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well, here's my attempt at art, writing, photography and the like...i'm not the best, but i hope something in here intrigues you enough to catch your eye--otherwise, i should probably find some new hobbies xP


my favorite works of art by my favorite artists! =]




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United States
"i'm longing with everything i am to tell you my write my words on your heart, just to watch the ink seep into the crevices. i promise it won't hurt--not if you just simply listen."

i am a Christian, & i live my life to honor God as best as i can.
i love to write. mostly short stories & poetry, though someday hopefully i’ll finish a novel. i’m also a procrastinator.
i adore owls & foxes.
i want a pet boa i can name him Hugs
i like the color grey because in a way it describes who i am—somewhere in between light & dark.
movies are amazing expressions of art, & I’d love to help make them someday (whether that is screenwriting, cinematography, or directing).
i’m an amateur photographer & i have an unhealthy obsession with taking pictures. i want to be a world traveler.
i’m all for being outdoors—hiking, biking, canoeing etc. but i also love just chilling inside with a good book.
after reading Anne Frank’s Diary at age 12, i was inspired to keep a journal of my own, & i’ve been writing ever since.
i love Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll & The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
  • Mood: Defeated
  • Listening to: Dreams of Cannibalism--Typhoon
  • Reading: The Forest of Hands & Teeth-Carrie Ryan
  • Watching: Elvis & Anabelle
  • Eating: tacos
  • Drinking: milk
it seems that everyone around me is getting coupled, engaged, married, & having babies. all happy & whatnot, celebrating new beginnings in some way, shape or form.
& i'm just over here like: hi, i'm sierra & i'm single (otherwise known as alone). 
to be honest though, even if this amazing guy came bounding into my life right now..(i don't know why i just said "bounding" there, i don't think i've ever used that adjective in my life--now, i'm thinking about kangaroos)..anyway, if a guy happened to come into my life at this time, i probably wouldn't be able to fit him into my schedule. i mean seriously i'm so darn busy with work & school these's still good to hope though.

i have this picture in my head of this guy that i think would be perfect for me. in the looks department, there's nothing particular that i want. just as long as he's human & has a face & all the important parts. i'm this close to dropping the human requirement though--i mean, what normal human girl my age falls in love with a human guy anymore? fangs or claws are all the rage these days. but seriously, as far as looks go..if i think he's attractive then that's all that matters.
he'd have to know how to handle me. i'm a bit crazy. (that's an understatement). i'm a lot crazy. so, he would have to either understand crazy, or be crazy himself in order for things to work.

it'd be cool if he was more outgoing than me. i need someone to push me to do things & get out of my little bubble every once in awhile. i also need a guy with goals & ambition--a guy that knows what he wants in life & will work hard to get it.
he has to love & want kids. i cannot stress this one enough. if he doesn't like kids--he's not worth my time.
& i love me some animals, so it would be really hard for me (but i guess not impossible if the guy is really worth it) to be with someone with allergies to animals.

i like guys that make me laugh. (i don't think i need to explain this one).

& lastly, i have an obsession with a few things: music, movies, & books. he needs to be accepting of all of these & at least interested in two of them to be the perfect man for me. (i would prefer if he liked all three though).

& so, that ladies & gents is my perfect guy (who may or may not actually exist). for now though, here's to being single. woohoo...



i am a writer
but am i really?
i consume & consume, but i give nothing back
i am a reader, a watcher, an observer—a consumer
but not a writer, never a writer
i spend so much
i waste so much time
taking in, but not letting out this voice i know i have
i bury her
i bury her ideas, her dreams—i tell her there is no use trying
there are too many writers
too many great writers
no one wants to hear my voice
but what if every writer thought that way?
what if every story was thrown away before it even began?
nothing would be written, stories would never be told
& everything would be empty—people would be empty
with nothing to consume
i am a writer
& this is my voice
I want my heart & your heart to find each other,
sooner rather than later because right now I could really use your hands.
Hands that know just where to touch, how tightly to hold, hands that know how to pull against my stubbornness & when to let go.
I want your hands, but also your mouth.
Your mouth that always speaks when things need to be said.
Your voice, unwavering & strong, & sincere enough to tell me when I am not doing the right thing. Your voice to remind me that I am more than what I see, more than how I perceive myself.
I love your mouth, but I need your eyes.
Eyes that say without words everything you truly believe.
Your eyes that see what I can't, & with one look give me all the confidence & beauty I had always thought I lacked.
I love your eyes, but I need your body.
Just your warmth beside me, the nearness of your skin. Your body to shield me, to protect me, to prove that I am not alone.
Heart, hands, mouth, eyes—give me every part of you, & it will always be enough.
To You, the Love of My Life
happy new year. i don't actually have a love in my life, but this is to him--wherever he may be. (please, excuse the cheesy lameness)
the cliff people by XxLonerEyesxX
the cliff people
well, i haven't posted any traditional art for awhile. (probably because it is not my forte) but this is an idea i wanted to get out there. i'm sure many artists could do a much better job--but i really like this concept overall. please be kind, i am not much of an artist.

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