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well, here's my attempt at art, writing, photography and the like...i'm not the best, but i hope something in here intrigues you enough to catch your eye--otherwise, i should probably find some new hobbies xP


my favorite works of art by my favorite artists! =]




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United States
"i'm longing with everything i am to tell you my write my words on your heart, just to watch the ink seep into the crevices. i promise it won't hurt--not if you just simply listen."

i am a Christian, & i live my life to honor God as best as i can.
i love to write. mostly short stories & poetry, though someday hopefully i’ll finish a novel. i’m also a procrastinator.
i adore owls & foxes.
i want a pet boa i can name him Hugs
i like the color grey because in a way it describes who i am—somewhere in between light & dark.
movies are amazing expressions of art, & I’d love to help make them someday (whether that is screenwriting, cinematography, or directing).
i’m an amateur photographer & i have an unhealthy obsession with taking pictures. i want to be a world traveler.
i’m all for being outdoors—hiking, biking, canoeing etc. but i also love just chilling inside with a good book.
after reading Anne Frank’s Diary at age 12, i was inspired to keep a journal of my own, & i’ve been writing ever since.
i love Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll & The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
  • Mood: Defeated
  • Listening to: Dreams of Cannibalism--Typhoon
  • Reading: The Forest of Hands & Teeth-Carrie Ryan
  • Watching: Elvis & Anabelle
  • Eating: tacos
  • Drinking: milk
it seems that everyone around me is getting coupled, engaged, married, & having babies. all happy & whatnot, celebrating new beginnings in some way, shape or form.
& i'm just over here like: hi, i'm sierra & i'm single (otherwise known as alone). 
to be honest though, even if this amazing guy came bounding into my life right now..(i don't know why i just said "bounding" there, i don't think i've ever used that adjective in my life--now, i'm thinking about kangaroos)..anyway, if a guy happened to come into my life at this time, i probably wouldn't be able to fit him into my schedule. i mean seriously i'm so darn busy with work & school these's still good to hope though.

i have this picture in my head of this guy that i think would be perfect for me. in the looks department, there's nothing particular that i want. just as long as he's human & has a face & all the important parts. i'm this close to dropping the human requirement though--i mean, what normal human girl my age falls in love with a human guy anymore? fangs or claws are all the rage these days. but seriously, as far as looks go..if i think he's attractive then that's all that matters.
he'd have to know how to handle me. i'm a bit crazy. (that's an understatement). i'm a lot crazy. so, he would have to either understand crazy, or be crazy himself in order for things to work.

it'd be cool if he was more outgoing than me. i need someone to push me to do things & get out of my little bubble every once in awhile. i also need a guy with goals & ambition--a guy that knows what he wants in life & will work hard to get it.
he has to love & want kids. i cannot stress this one enough. if he doesn't like kids--he's not worth my time.
& i love me some animals, so it would be really hard for me (but i guess not impossible if the guy is really worth it) to be with someone with allergies to animals.

i like guys that make me laugh. (i don't think i need to explain this one).

& lastly, i have an obsession with a few things: music, movies, & books. he needs to be accepting of all of these & at least interested in two of them to be the perfect man for me. (i would prefer if he liked all three though).

& so, that ladies & gents is my perfect guy (who may or may not actually exist). for now though, here's to being single. woohoo...



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